Dave Shields

Dear Kurt,

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate your care of my '64 S model Bonanza.


To those considering service at Legacy Aviation at Y14 Lincoln County Airport:

Kurt Anderson provides careful, thoughtful, and thorough maintenance of my plane.

Kurt has accomplished the maintenance and annuals for the two and one half years that

I've owned this plane. He also did the same on my 1980 Maule 235C that I owned before

the Bonanza.


As a pilot and flight instructor he has a unique perspective on the process of maintenance and safety.  Kurt is always thoughtful and honest in his answers regarding maintenance problems.

He is good at letting me know what is going on when my plane is in the shop and lets me be

involved when unexpected issues come up that require choices. He was willing to attend a

service clinic with me sponsored by the American Bonanza Society. This was fun and useful to both of us.


Kurt treats me with the same respect and attention that I strive to give to my patients.

I really couldn't ask for more!




David A. Shields, M.D.