Block Rate discounts on aircraft are available to customers who meet the minimum requirement of $1000 dollars down on account and maintenance of a positive balance.  

Restrictions apply to credit card users.
PA28-151 Piper Warrior 5437F
Regular Rate - $119 per hour
Block Rate - $109 per hour

C172SP Cessna Skyhawk 863SP
Regular Rate - $139 per hour
Block Rate - $129 per hour
172 RG Cessna Cutlass 9791B
Regular rate - $159 per hour
Block Rate - $149 per hour

Flight Instruction
$47 per hour

Hangar/storage rental*
  • $60 per night single engine (heated)**
  • $115 per night multi-engine (heated)**

*Hangar availability dependent on space availability
*$20 discount (1 night) for fuel purchase of 10 gallons or more

Call for information on additional hangar availability and monthly hangar fees