Legacy aviation maintains a complete power-plant and airframe maintenance facility. We specialize in working on single engine and  twin engine piston aircraft. Our maintenance staff can handle jobs from oil changes to complete engine overhauls and major airframe repair. We can also trouble-shoot avionics and communication problems and provide professional removal and replacement of equipment after repair, through one of our trusted repair partners. 

We pride ourselves in getting work done quickly and efficiently. A neat and well run shop facility, with access to the necessary equipment and manuals, to do the job right will get you back in the air soon.

Schedule the annual inspection on your airplane with us now. Our certificated A&P mechanic, Kurt Anderson, with Inspection Authorization, will conduct a thorough inspection of your airplane as required and provide you with accurate estimates of necessary repairs,then conduct those repairs and complete the necessary paperwork. We are glad to offer two hours of complimentary instruction time with one of our instructors of your choice when you have your annual inspection done with us. You can use this for your Biannual Flight Review or other training.