Initially you may not think financing flight training issomething you would want to do, and we don't blame you.  However, most flight instructors and aviatorsagree that moving too slowly in your flight training can be both expensive andfrustrating.  Students often do not fly frequently enough to maintain an effective rate of progress.  This can increase the number of hoursnecessary to obtain a private pilots certificate significantly, thus costingyou money.   Having the money, up front,to fly may allow you to progress more rapidly with less frustration and savingyou considerable money in the long run. Legacy Aviation cooperates with Pilot Finance,, to make financingfor your lessons available for you. During our inaugural year we are offering, with Pilot Finance, creditincentives that may make their interest rates very competitive with mostlenders.  Go to the Pilot Financewebsite, orcome in and see us about this.  Flighttraining generally will cost you about the same as an older used car ormotorcycle.  After you spend years payingoff the car or motorcycle what do you have?  After you pay the cost of yourpilot certificates, you will have them for life.